Data Science Primer Program for Professionals

We helped 58 Black women working professionals to kickstart exploration, upskilling, or pivoting into data science

Expanding the Data Science Workforce, Together.




Testimonials from the Data Science Executive Program participants about applying their new data science knowledge to future career aspirations 

“This experience was truly amazing and has given me a new perspective on how to charge forward with this new career path. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to help us be successful!” 

“Discussing the similarities and differences between various career paths in data science helped me understand the field more and the opportunities that are out there. This helped me as someone who will be graduating from college soon and is looking into job prospects.” 

“Conversations about careers in data science, educational pathways, and professional recommendations has been beneficial thus far…” 

“The career connections piece and the race and data discussion resonated with me the most. I like history and science and the connections made to the past that can inform our present and future.” 

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