About DataedX Group

DataedX Group takes you from data overwhelm to data clarity. We assist professionals and practitioners on integrating equity in their data operations and practices. We lay out how discrimination in data is made and identify coping and intervention strategies to be more just.

At DataedX Group, we believed that - data ethics is accessible and implementable. You can build responsible data practices that'll align people, processes, practices and policies.

Our Values

Operate Intentionally

Being thoughtful and deliberate in your data practice decisions fosters a more inclusive, transparent and agile team.

Remain Coachable

The data industry is ever-changing. The ability to assess and adjust strategically will help avoid knee-jerk reactions due to AI hype-AI doom cycles.

Be Outspoken

Growing your confidence in data ethics and responsible data practices helps you build cost-saving interventions and remedies.

Brandeis Marshall

Brandeis Marshall is the founder and CEO of DataedX Group, LLC. DataedX provides learning and development training to help educators, scholars and practitioners in developing more responsible data/AI practices.

Dr. Marshall speaks, writes and consults on how to move slower and build better people-first tech. She has been a Stanford PACS Practitioner Fellow and Partner Research Fellow at Siegel Family Endowment. 

Marshall has served as faculty at both Purdue University and Spelman College. Her scholarly work in data literacy, data science and computing has been supported by the National Science Foundation and philanthropy organizations. She is the author of Data Conscience: Algorithmic Siege on our Humanity (Wiley, 2022), co-editor of Mitigating Bias in Machine Learning (McGraw-Hill, 2024) and contributing author in The Black Agenda (Macmillan, 2022).

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