SQL Starter Guide II

This set of resources is for those of you who want to add SQL to your data skillset more intentionally. You may have a project, job, or other income-generating activity that you need to be able to flex your SQL chops.

First, there are several free online tutorials you can do yourself. As the old saying goes: “If you don’t use it you lose it.” You can refresh your memory by reading the explanations and reskill by doing the accompanying exercises. Next, a Medium article is featured to highlight a common discriminatory practice in datasets. It’s a reminder to consider the context of what or who is part of your SQL queries. At the end is a comprehensive SQL cheat sheet because it has saved me many minutes on the interwebs searching for specific SQL syntax.

Reminder: if you obtain the badge or certification, don’t forget to add it to your professional resume! Own your newly-acquired skill as it could help with that next job evaluation, promotion ask or use it in your side-hustle business.

SQL Bolt

Learn SQL with simple, interactive exercises.


Tutorials: Learn SQL in stages, References, Assessments, Challenges, and SQL Resources

Recognizing the Standard Discrimination in Datasets

Much of the public discourse about tech originally focused on how the outcomes of tech tools, e.g., software, affected people. Then, the conversation turned to algorithms and how they are designed to be exclusionary. Now, we’re having more conscious discussions about the data, both input and output, of these algorithms and how data is processed in digital systems…

SQL Cheatsheets by SQL Tutorial

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